Why Skin Toner Is A Great Beauty Product

Skin Toner

Skin toner is a blessing for those who have acne prone and oily skin. But otherwise also, it is beneficial for all types of skin. Take care to use a good one, for example rosewater is a natural toner. Other good options are ayurvedic and herbal toners. Skin toner is found to have several benefits for the skin:

  • Restores Balance : Due to the soap and chemicals present in the face wash, the skin becomes alkaline. This makes the skin vulnerable to infections. Toner helps balance alkaline medium in the skin.
  • Grooming : A toner helps in grooming too. It has some acids that discourage the growth of ingrown hair.
  • Removes Makeup : Using toner is a safe way of removing makeup. It will gently wipe off all the makeup from your skin. Moreover, it removes the chemicals present in the makeup so that any harmful substances do not linger on to the skin.
  • Good Cleaner : If you do not have time to wash your face with water, this is when a toner comes in handy. Wipe your face with the toner to get rid of dirt, impurities and oil.
  • Protector : It rids the skin of harmful chemicals such as minerals and chlorine that are present in tap water. It protects the skin by fighting the harmful substances that the skin might be exposed to. When a toner is applied to the skin, it closes the pores and therefore prevents the entry of pollutants, dirt and chemicals.
  • Humectant : A humectant is a substance that helps to restore moisture. A toner acts as a humectant, thus preventing it from getting dry and also protecting it from rashes.
  • Shrink Pores : Open pores are a major problem of the skin. Besides cleansing the pores, the toner shrinks them as well. A piece of cotton should be soaked in the toner liquid and the face cleaned with it.

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