Why Pregnant Women Should Take Lemon Juice


The joys of pregnancy seem less enjoyable when health problems start occuring. Pregnant women can very well deal with these ailments by taking the right nutrients. Lemon juice benefits pregnant ladies in several ways:

Anti-oxidant : The anti-oxidants present in lemon juice rid the body of any toxins, thus essentially cleaning it. Another benefit is freedom from certain infections. Lemon juice is known to protect pregnant ladies from several infections.

Vitamin C : Lemons are an excellent source of Vitamin C. Many pregnant women suffer from Vitamin C deficiency and therefore consuming lemon juice is very beneficial at this phase. It is a good and natural alternative to supplements.

Prevents Heartburn : Lemon juice is capable of preventing heartburns and bloating.

Constipation : Lemon juice stimulates the liver, besides preventing constipation and diarrhea as well. Lemon juice helps promote bowel movements.

Cures Indigestion : Lemon juice is found to be beneficial for digestive organs. It therefore helps in easy digestion.

Good for Feet : Edema, that is swelling, is painful and unhealthy too. Consuming some lemon juice with lukewarm water helps in this case. This remedy is found to reduce edema in pregnant women.

Benefits Baby : Lemon juice helps in the brain formation of the baby. Lemon juice contains potassium too, that is very important to the formation of the baby’s bones.

Provides Relief in Labor : Painful labor experience is a nightmare for every pregnant woman. The good news is that lemon juice can prove quite helpful. Mix lemon juice with few drops of honey. Start consuming this mixture from the fifth month of pregnancy right up to the labor day. Such remedy makes the delivery easier.

Hydration : Staying hydrated is important, especially during pregnancy. Lemon juice is helpful in this context too.

Maintains Blood Pressure : High blood pressure is highly undesirable during pregnancy. It even can lead to premature birth of the baby. Lemon juice keeps the blood pressure at bay.

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