What is the right age to get Pregnant ?


One of the milestones and the happiest moments of a woman’s life is pregnancy and childbirth. For this, one requires proper planning and taking care of many factors before being ready. One of the major biological factors is the right age.

Pregnancy before 30 is extremely advisable, but ages after that might lead to certain risks or complications for both mother and baby. Due to decreasing fertility after the age of 35, chances of getting pregnant also reduce.

1. Emotional health - emotional maturity is extremely important for pregnancy as it helps in understanding the responsibilities required for raising a child.

2. Financial stability – having a baby incurs a long term financial planning. Along with medical fitness, one needs to be financially stable in order to take befitting care of the baby.

3. Medical fitness – the biggest factor in ascertaining the right age in getting pregnant is medical fitness. Medical fitness varies from woman to woman and needs to be checked to ascertain the woman is healthy to carry a baby.

4. Partner health status – a healthy baby requires a set of healthy parents. Therefore, along with the woman, her partner needs to be medically fit in order to have a healthy baby.

5. Career planning – career and family are separate and you need to plan them with different respect. Your family is more important to you as the baby is entirely dependant on its mother for care. Plan your pregnancy accordingly.

6. Lifestyle and habits – if you have any habits of smoking, alcohol or drugs, it is advisable to quit as these habits have an impact on the baby’s mental and physical health. In case your work environment is not suitable for pregnancy, consider it thoroughly before planning pregnancy. Along with all this, your lifestyle will have a huge impact o your baby. Therefore, take all this into consideration while planning a baby.

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