What is the right age for pregnancy ?


One of the signature moments of a woman’s life is pregnancy. For a healthy pregnancy, one needs to check on certain aspects. One of these aspects is figuring out the right age.

For women, according to experts, ages before 30 are right for pregnancy. After 30 years of age, pregnancy can come with certain risks and complications for both mother and baby. Moreover, the stamina required for rearing a baby steadily declines after 30.

1. Emotional health – childbearing and childrearing are experiences which require emotional maturity. Therefore, emotional maturity is highly essential for determining the right age for pregnancy.

2. Financial stability – during pregnancy and after the baby is born, it calls for a long term financial planning as finances are very important in rearing a child. Therefore, one must have sound financial planning and stability before trying for a baby.

3. Medical fitness – the first and foremost requirement for pregnancy is medical fitness. Unless the mother is mentally and physically fit, she will not be able to able to have a healthy pregnancy. Therefore, consult a doctor to check your medical fitness before deciding to have a baby.

4. Partner health status – for a healthy pregnancy and child rearing experience, a baby requires a healthy set of parents. Therefore, the partner being of sound medical health is also necessary.

5. Career planning – career is important, but not dependent on you; While a baby is wholly dependent on you. Planning to achieve your career targets before having a baby is not advisable while planning a baby. Treat your family and career separately.

6. Lifestyle and habits – lifestyle has a huge impact on the baby especially in case of habits. In case you have habits such as smoking, drugs and alcohol, quit them before trying for a baby as these habits will affect your baby’s mental and physical health adversely.

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