What Cartoons Do To Kids

Cartoons For Kids

Keeping the kids engaged in cartoon is what parents find a good idea when it is comes to hassle free parenting. But parents should be aware of the significant cons of cartoon watching:

  • Eyes : It is definitely not a good idea to let the children watch unlimited TV. Exposing them to UV rays at such a young age is likely to make their vision weak later. The issue of shortsightedness has quickly spread in children of nations like Singapore and Japan. The cause discovered for this was of course increasing exposure to TV. Here is why – the children’s eyeballs become longer when they focus on TV screen for a long time. The eye gets elongated and is hence becomes too weak to focus on distant objects.
  • Brain : Surprisingly, scientists examined the brains of children indulging in entertainment and they found signs of damage! They discovered the magnitude of alterations in brain to directly increase with the number of hours the child spent watching TV. This was found to result in lower verbal intelligence.
  • Health : Many kids can be seen with their eyes glued to the TV rather than indulging in physical activities. Exercise is essential for development of kids as they are in the growing stage. Moreover, this deprives them of the joy of playing outside and having fun in the open. They are robbed of enjoying the beauty of nature and most importantly spending quality time with their family.
  • Language : It is obvious that cartoons do not speak language normally like human beings. The weird language featured on cartoons no doubt amuses the kids. But the fun comes with a big downside as the children start imitating cartoons and develop improper vocabulary and pronunciations. Rather than talking properly, they imitate weird noises that can become a bad habit over time.

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