What are the Irritating Habits That Men Hate In Girls?

Irritating Habits That Men Hate In Girls

Men call girls complicated creatures who are hard to understand. This is very true and things further get complicated when women stick to the following habits that men find quite annoying:

Dieting : Guys don’t find dieting a cool idea. Girls are conscious of their figure and start eating less when they feel the need for weight loss. But what guys think is girls should eat right to maintain their figure – rather than eating less.

Expenses : Shopping is an activity that cheers up any woman in the hardest of times. Women love to buy clothes, accessories and whatnot! But it doesn’t end here – their life is incomplete without the lavish spas, parlors and beauty treatments.

Friendship Issues : Guys wonder why girls keep friends that they know would turn out disloyal. Girls often love befriending some girls despite of knowing that she is not a good company to keep. Then they need a shoulder to cry and complain when the same friend betrays them.

Secrets : Guys like to be frank and want to keep things simple. This is the reason they don’t like it when girls keep secret. They want her to be honest and admit if she has had relationships in the past.

Jealousy : Another habit guys find annoying is when women are jealous of each other.

Weird Questions : Most girls ask their boyfriend how they are looking – fat or slim? And the truth is, he has no clue what to say and just compliments to make her happy!

Mood Swings : Guys too experience mood swings, but girls are famous for throwing tantrums. Guys do not like it when girls create a big issue and become drama queens.

Beauty Schedules : Women take all the time in the world to bathe, get ready, use face-packs, apply make-up and of course sit in the parlor for ages.

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