What are the Foods to eat during a period ?

womens period

One of the dreaded conditions in a woman’s life is that time of the month when she undergoes menstruation.  Along with a heavy uncomfortable flow, cramps, nausea and dizzying fits, the mood swings make it unbearable. Fatigue is a constant phenomenon and some people even suffer from depression during this time.

Due to menstruation, many women find it difficult to go about their daily chores. The bad moods, pain and cramps make it difficult to ingest food and skipping food seems to be a welcome move instead. There are certain foods one can have while on their period. These foods will help them gain energy and increase stamina as well. They help in reducing cramps and aid in nourishing the body.

1. Complex carbohydrates – at this time, women have a certain craving of sugar. Therefore, it is a good idea to include complex carbohydrates such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains in your diet at such times. Along with them, one can consume carrots, apricots, oranges and plums.

2. Dark chocolate – Anti – oxidants are present in high quantities in dark chocolate, which boosts serotonin, a hormone which regulates the moods and aids in helping a person feel cheerful.

3. Vitamin rich foods – Vitamin E is said to give relief from the PMS syndrome. Egg yolks and avocados are good sources of Vitamin E. Vitamin B6, abundant in potatoes helps reduce bloating and Vitamin C, from citric fruits improves the health of your reproductive system.

4. No caffeine – although one feels like a good cup of coffee at this time, coffee is not advisable as it contains acids which increase pain in the stomach. Have tea instead.

5. Essential fatty acids and Iron – to avoid stomach cramps, opt for a diet rich in essential fatty acids such as flax seeds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds and iron-rich foods such as leafy vegetables for loss of bloods.


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