What are changes happens to your body while sleeping ?


The body is in a state of constant work throughout the day. Hence, when a person sleeps it may seem that the body does not work and does not gain anything , but it is not true . There are a number of benefits that the body receives from sleeping ,means you are not wasting time while sleeping .

Improves Brain Activities

Sleep on a regular basis increases the activity of the brain. The brain doesn’t simply remain inactive while a person sleeps. The cortex of the brain will slow down its functions by forty percent in the initial stages of sleep. Then it will again increase its activity to a great extent during the later stages. Ultimately, the body and the brain become completely rejuvenated from sleeping for a proper amount of time.

Eye movements

The eye movement does not stop even when a person is asleep. It shows two different types of movement. During the initial phases of sleep the eye shows very rapid m0vement. However, during the later stages it simply moves and darts around. This is the phase when dreams are most likely to occur.

Hormonal Changes

Another useful function that the body has while a person sleeps is associated with certain growth hormones. When the body is awake it is in the catabolic stage when the different hormones are used up with the adrenaline working in the body. But while sleeping the body is in the anabolic stage when the different types of essential growth hormones are preserved and in the making.

Boosts immunity system

While sleeping the body also boosts the immunity system by   producing  particular proteins . This helps the body in protection against certain very dangerous diseases.

Drops high body temperature to normal levels

Some people experiences high temperature after evening , this makes them weak and sleepy . While sleeping the temperature of the body also falls to normal levels. It is because of the drop in the level of adrenaline.

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