Ways to reject unwanted love proposals – Effectively

Unwanted love proposals

One of the glamorous events of high school and college life is the numerous proposals that come a girl’s way. It is very flattering to see guys shifting their feet and glancing awkwardly while asking the fair maiden out. Although these infatuations are not love, it is not necessary to say yes to everyone. In fact, we may take a fancy to some people, and might not be attracted to the others.

It is not easy to say no right away, especially on seeing the expectant faces. Moreover, some people tend to demand an explanation and that makes it worse and more uncomfortable. Such a situation calls for tact and can be handled well without being harsh at the same time. It is not that you dislike the person. You simply do not feel the same way. What is wrong in that? Let us see a few ways to deal with this.

1. Open up – take a straightforward approach and tell them the truth politely. You do not need to explain your stance to them. Just politeness will help.

2. Friendship – one of the nicest ways of rejecting a proposal is waving the friendship flag. You do not need to love everybody but they can certainly be a friend if you like them that way.

3. Stay firm – some people do not let go easily and ask you out again. In such cases, take a firm stand and make your irritation clear.

4. Threatening dislike – if people still doggedly follow you, you may threaten that this act irks you and might make you hate the person if it continues. It is bound to have immediate effect.

5. Ignore – ignore the person in the most obvious way possible if they do not get the message. They will either get the message or take it as an insult and move away from you. Either way, it works!

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