Ways to prevent an unwanted pregnancy

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It was a great night, a sensuous one. There were long sessions of steamy lovemaking. But now, it is morning and you are worried about an impending pregnancy. What to do?

The usual remedy is the morning after pill, which although is an effective solution, is not an easy choice as it comes with side effects which might have severe long term effects. Many wish to avoid this measure as they do not want to suffer from the side effects. It is always advised to not take these pills regularly as they are meant for emergency contraception. There are some not commonly known measures one can take in order to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Here are a few measures.

1. The pill – a pill is an effective way to avoid unwanted pregnancy. If taken within 72 hours of intercourse, the contraceptive pill avoids fertilization and implantation. The pill is most effective if it is taken within 24 hours of intercourse.

2. IUD – an intra uterine device is certainly not a cheap measure, but certainly more effective than most measures. Within five days of intercourse, according to experts, one must seek help from a doctor or gynaecologist to herself fitted for a copper IUD.

3. herbal gels – one way to avoid an unwanted pregnancy is using herbal gels. The Black Cohosh content in the gels has a great effect on the uterus and helps in killing germs before they join with the egg. Rub the gel into the walls of the vagina after an hour of intercourse.

4. the salt water trick – salt water solutions are a good way to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Drink salt water solutions at least for 2 weeks starting from the time of intercourse. Through this, it will prevent the sperm from joining the egg and thus prevents fertilization.

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