Ways to deal with a possessive husband

possessive husband

One of the difficulties in some cases of matrimony can be dealing with a possessive husband. Although there is always some semblance of possessiveness in a relationship, it creates problems when it goes overboard. As a person begins to put pressure on the relationship, it triggers paranoia and hostility. Things can escalate out of control. This usually stems from a nagging fear of losing their partner who they love so much. The husband usually does not believe he is being possessive and instead thinks they are protecting you, as is their duty as a husband. Such situations offer two options: 1. ending the marriage or 2. Sticking it out. While ending the relationship is a quick and easy way out, if one chooses to stay back in the relation, she needs a great deal of patience and proper handling.

1. Everybody is somewhat possessive in a relationship. Find out the limit to which your husband is possessive and try to make peace with that.

2. Communication is an effective way of handling. Without losing your temper, try to explain to him about how you feel and explain your stance.

3. Professional counselling is a good way to get to the bottom of the issue as the possessiveness could be stemming from a bad experience in the past.

4. Keep transparency between you and your husband. As the possessiveness stems from insecurity, opened between the spouses can help alleviate the problem to some extent.

5. Appreciation is a good way to go. Appreciate your partner for all the good things they do. This will create a bond of trust and reduce the insecurities the husband faces. Therefore, there will be more freedom in the relationship.

6. Controlling your temper is a big necessity.  If you lose your temper, it will only lead to a heated argument and will not solve anything. Use a calm approach instead.


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