Ways to control an angry husband

angry husband

Anger between spouses can be an annoying and a deterring factor when it goes out of control. A lot of women complain about their husbands losing their cool at the drop of a hat. A simple, petty issue which need not be given much importance might be exaggerated and yelled upon simply because the husband is of a controlling nature. Although some women opt to walk out of such marriages, most of them wish to make it work. There are ways of controlling an angry husband. After all, they tend to react that way due to some insecurity which needs to be identified and solved. They need to be given that consolation that you are there for him and love him, although you disapprove of some habits of his.

1. Be a friend, not his mother – in a marriage, some women tend to get nagging and gradually a mother to their husbands. This leads to an identity crisis. Try to avoid this and instead be his friend so that he feels comfortable with you.

2. Calm him down – instead of continuing an argument, handle a controlling husband by giving him time. Once he calms down, you can comfortable discuss issues with him.

3. Let it go – instead of constantly harping on a subject, learn to let it go. If neither of you let it go, it will simply worsen to no avail.

4. Right time – Everything has a right time. Just because an issue is important to you does not mean you have to confront it with an angry husband. You will not get your message through. Instead, have patience and leave it hanging for a better time when your husband is in a better mood.

5. Ignore – if the argument is baseless or you are not at fault, do not try to let him see reason. Instead, ignore him until he cools down.

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