Viral Pleurisy:Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Causes of Viral Pleurisy:

According to experts there are various reason for such problems and the most common is viral infection and it is the most common cause of pleurisy. Other problems like influenza and mumps, respiratory syncytial virus, adenovirus are amongst the cause of such problems. The symptoms of the problem are listed below:

Symptoms of Viral Pleurisy:

  •   Lack of appetite is one of the most common problems that have been seen amongst the patient.
  •   Muscle pains which can become severe at times.
  •   Headache and this almost regular problem.
  •   Fever with cough.
  •   Pain in the chest which is motivated by breathing, coughing, or sneezing problems.
  •   Breathing problems and it becomes sever with time.
  •   Cough along with sneezing.
  •   Loss of appetite and the patient avoids all types of food.

Treatment for Viral Pleurisy:

Experts or doctors often at the initial stages find out the root cause of the problem and for that reason various pills and medications are provided.  If the pain is reduced they continue with it else approach the problem differently. Some treatments that are commonly suggested for the problem are given below:

  •   At the initial stag doctors may prescribe pain killers and there are quite a few and this helps the patient to cope up with the pain.
  • If still cough persist the patients are given separate medication and this can help the patient to overcome the problem.
  •   The chest pain can also be reduced by wrapping the chest with elastic bandage. This is commonly used for the problem.
  •   The effect of the problem can be reduced once other problems are treated effectively or the underlying causes like tuberculosis, heart disease or kidney disease.
  •   The pleural effusion can be decreased by treating the underlying cause like removal of fluid from the chest cavity and this can relieve the pain and breathlessness if the effect is more.

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