Top Warm Up Exercises


Top Warm Up Exercises

Warming up before workout is necessary as the body might get injured if it is not prepared to take the intensity. Following are some great warm up exercises:

  • On-the-spot Jogging : Jog on the spot for some time. This exercise will activate the heart and make it ready for the intense workout that is to follow.
  • Marching : March on the spot. Then start marching forwards and backwards. The arms should be pumped up and down and matched with the rhythm of legs. Keep the fists relaxed and the elbows bent.
  • Walk : It is a good idea to walk for just a few steps prior to beginning the workout.
  • Shoulder Rolls : Keep on marching on the spot while you roll the shoulders- five times in forward direction and then five times backwards. The arms should be hung loosely by the sides.
  • Weightless Squats : Bodyweight squats should be done before exercise. The legs will be prepared to bear the higher intensity when you do squats with weights afterwards.
  • Twist-Rotate-Stretch : This exercise is meant to loosen your body parts and stretch them as well, that too in a soft manner. Gently stretch each one of your body parts- from the legs, right up to the hands. Rotate your wrists and hands too. The waist should be rotated clockwise for once and then anticlockwise next.
  • Knee Lifts : Stand straight and lift up knees one by one to touch the opposite hand. The abs and back should be straight all the time. The supporting leg should be bent slightly.
  • Heel Digs : Place the heels towards the front, one by one. The front of the foot should be kept pointing up. With each heel dig, do a punch out action with both the hands.
  • Jumping Jacks : Minimum 25 repetitions of jumping jacks should be done. It is a great way to heat up your body. Try to jump higher with energy.

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