Tips to make your baby sleep soundly at night

Baby sleeping peacefully

One of the challenges of early parenthood is getting your tiny tot to sleep. Due to your baby having trouble sleeping, you tend to stay awake. This could be adverse for both your baby and you as it is said babies should sleep soundly at least 12 hours a day to help them grow well and you definitely need sleep in order to be alert around your baby. A few tips can be followed which will help your baby get the much earned sleep they deserve.

1. Do not excite the baby right before bedtime as this will put its sleep right off.  Instead, it is a good thing to avert your eyes while putting your baby to sleep.

2. a warm bath – Try giving your baby a nice warm bath before bedtime. Include soft and loving massages while bathing him/her. As excitement is a strict no no, put aside the squishy toys and try to keep the voices soothing and low. This will work wonders for your little bundle of joy in order to put them to sleep.

3. sleep beside them – it is a good idea to sleep beside your baby. Not only will you derive parental joy watching your angel sleep soundly, it has been medically proven that babies who sleep with their parents have a chance of growing with higher self esteem and less anxiety.

4. Dream feeding – most babies wake up at night due to hunger. Therefore, in order to prevent hunger from rousing your tot from its sleep, feed your baby just before bed time. This has led experts to believe that the extra feeding will help your baby sleep longer.

5. Beautiful scents – Smells are one of the basic ways to stir human consciousness. Beautiful and soft scents such as a drop of natural lavender oil on a tissue close by will lull your baby to sleep .

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