Tips to make your baby sleep alone

Baby Sleep Alone

Parents of a new born baby often struggle to put it to sleep. Some babies take longer to get to sleep while some constantly needs the presence of its mother or at least a parent to sleep properly. As babies grow up their sleeping habits also change more or less. Parents should also try to instill in the baby, the habit to sleep alone. Otherwise the child may face problems after growing up a bit. Since a very young age, it is important that you put a proper sleeping routine in place for your baby. This will help the child to get proper sleep. If a baby does not have good sleep it grows irritable and may cry a lot during the day. Eventually parents also begin to get stressed out. Before the situation becomes problematic, it is important that parents learn some ways to make their baby sleep alone.

  • Place – first and foremost you need to find the right place for your child to sleep. you will have to change the sleeping style as the baby develops.
  • Time – new born babies and very young children should have a proper time to sleep. Do not make the time irregular. Look for signs, mainly yawns that indicate the child is feeling sleepy.
  • Routine – you need to fix a routine for your baby to sleep alone. The routine may involve changing clothes and diaper, massaging, bathing etc.
  • Clothes – it is vital that during night time the baby is comfortable. Put him in light and soft clothes like cotton.
  • Food – before putting the baby to sleep, it is important to feed him properly. The baby should be fed at least few hours bedtime.
  • Calm – keep the area quiet where the baby is sleeping. Unwanted noises will hamper the baby’s sleep.
  • Objects – sometimes put toys and blanket with the baby to make it feel secure while sleeping.

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