Symptoms that can help in understanding whether baby boy or not?

Pregnant Woman

When a woman is pregnant, there are numerous thoughts that just keep coming in the mind and their beliefs, whether it will be a baby boy or baby girl. According to experts, there are few symptoms that can help in understanding about the symptoms and get to know about whether it will be a boy or girl. This article will help you in understanding the facts. However, in India there is a strict law against determining the gender of a baby and it is because there is a craze for boys. The proper test can tell you that, but it is illegal in this country.

  • The tummy position is one of the important signs that can help you release the sex. If it is carried low, that means it is a boy.
  • There is enough things related to the urine color and according to experts if the color of urine is dark it is a boy and white it is a girl.
  • If the woman develops regular pimples than it is a sign that the woman carries a baby boy. All such things are quite related and has been proved.
  • If the tummy is boy then it is generally a case of a baby boy. This is one often common sign of carrying a baby boy named mostly known in India.
  • Breast size also helps in releasing the sex of your baby. If the right breast is bigger than the left, it means you are carrying a baby boy. Normally the left breast is bigger in comparison to the right one.
  • If the individual has cold feet during pregnancy than it means that she is carrying a baby boy.
  • If the heart rate of the baby is below 140then it is the case of a baby boy.
  • When there is baby boy the hair tends to grow much faster and you can realise it.

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