Symptoms & Factors Leading to Stomach Acidity

stomach acidity

Acidity, to put it simply, is a burning sensation you can feel in the stomach very often. The biological reason is simple, due to digestion problems; the gastric glands tend to produce excessive acids and thus create acidity. It happens when you eat a lot often.

Symptoms of Acidity :-One of the easy symptoms of acidity is the burning sensation inside your stomach. Indigestion, constipation, restless nature, throat burning can also be secondary symptoms of acidity.

How to reduce Acidity:-  This acidity has an easy cure in the form of antacids. There are many antacids available in the market that act as neutralisers of acids secreted inside your stomach. Any physician can prescribe them once your acidity is confirmed.

Factors Leading to Acidity

Stress : Although stress is not exactly related to stomach, but it can be one of the principal reasons of acidity. With too much stress in job and home, even the young people are becoming victims of unwanted acidity regularly. Hence, although it is not directly related to the problem, stress can become a major maligning factor if you are suffering from acidity.

 Spicy Food: Having too much spicy foods regularly can damage your stomach in the long term process. They are vile enemies to your precious digestion system and tend to aggravate the problem when acidity is the main cause of your suffering. Also, if your food habit is erratic and abnormal, acidic imbalance inside stomach can cause acidity too.

Fastfoods and Bakery foods: 97% people who consume bakery and fastfoods has acidity issues. Because they will add artificial preservatives and other chemicals for taste and fast preparations . Also the oils used in preparations are not good.

Alcohol and smoking :Regular alcohol and smoking is a major factor that contributes to the cause of acidity. Giving up these habits is mandatory if you are suffering from chronic acidity.

It is best to include healthy diets such as juicy fruits and fresh vegetables. Having small amounts of food at regular intervals and frequenting your mills is a great way to keep acidity at bay. Also, drink water in enough amounts every day.

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