Symptoms And Treatment Of Appendicitis

Treatment Of Appendicitis

Appendicitis is the inflammation of the appendix- an extension of colon found on lower right abdomen. Following are the symptoms of appendicitis:

  • Abdominal Pain : Appendicitis is characterized by a sharp pain in the lower part of abdomen on the right side.
  • Cramps : Victims of appendicitis are hit by severe cramps in limbs. The back and rectum are also the ones to have sharp pain.
  • Fever : Patients suffering from appendicitis would experience fever too. The body temperature would rise to somewhere between 99 to 102 degree Celsius. Antibiotics could bring down the temperature, but fever is likely to remain if you are suffering from appendicitis.
  • Diarrhea : You are likely suffering from appendicitis if diarrhea occurs several times a week and it returns every now and then.
  • Nausea : This is a prominent symptom of appendicitis. You will suffer from nausea throughout the day and this might be followed by vomiting.
  • Vomit : People suffering from appendicitis might vomit many times a day. The reason for vomiting can be some other as well, but consult a doctor immediately to know the cause.
  • Painful Urination : Urinary infection can be a cause, but it is best to consult the doctor since appendicitis too causes pain while urinating.
  • Swelling : The colon of a person swells up in case of appendicitis. So the swelling of colon leads to abdominal swelling that is accompanied by significant pain.
  • Poor Appetite : Appendicitis is known to cause loss of appetite. There may be some other reason why you don’t feel like eating. But if you experience pain, then consult the doctor.
  • Constipation : The stool blocks the appendix in case of appendicitis. Thus, one sign of appendicitis is constipation too.
  • Treatment : Appendicitis can be rarely cured with antibiotics and diet. Surgery is the only solution in most cases. Doctors perform – abdominal, urine and blood tests. Ultrasound and rectal examination are also done.

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