Stop fast ageing – Stop the bad habits!


We tend to indulge in certain bad habits, especially at the prime of life. The habits, although seemingly cool, lead to a lot of complications in later life. One of the issues a person faces is quick ageing. All of us want to look young as long as we can without any external treatment. Nobody likes those wrinkles and crinkles and inviting them over is surely not something we wish to do. Therefore, one of the things we can do is stop or reduce some of these habits and preserve our youth for a longer time possible.

1. Sunlight – We all love to sit out in the sun. One of the favourite souvenirs from a beach journey is a nice sun tan. But it should be kept in mind that too much exposure to the sun makes us age faster. It is always to apply sunscreen when we go out, even if the weather is cloudy. Sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher is a good option.

2. Smoking – Smoking is one of the worst habits. Whether you are a smoker or in the proximity of smoke, it tends to make the skin wrinkle and bring about dryness. Smoking also decreases vitamin C in the body which helps to keep the skin moist.

3. Alcohol – although an occasional treat is justified, habitual drinking is a harbinger of ageing and slow death. Alcohol dilates the tiny blood vessels in the skin leading to increased blood flow near the skin surface and making the skin flushed out and puffy.

Sleep – Lack of sleep makes a person age faster. Routine lack of sleep causes a puffy face and baggy red eyes. This will give a person the perfect ageing look.

Laziness – exercise is essential to longevity and a healthy life. Inactivity or laziness contributes to ageing skin. Exercise on the other hand makes you healthier.

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