Some Useful Tips and you will understand your Woman :


In this jet age men discover the way to Mars, but when it is all about a woman, they did not even try to understand her. All of them end the conclusion by saying that even God is unaware about the mystery of a woman. But it is not so difficult to understand a woman. Here I am going to give you some simple tips. Follow them and you will surely understand your woman very easily.

  • All women like smile on her man’s face all the time. So, with a pleasant smile adore her every morning with a tight hug and a warm kiss.
  • One of the most secret powers of women is, they can lie well in the right time. You can discover it by their different affectionate tone. But sometimes she really feels affectionate to you. Thus, notice the difference and do not doubt her real affections. Try to differentiate both of these tones.
  • Don’t think that your woman is a combination of your mother and wife. So, don’t sit down lazily on sofa. Try to share some responsibilities with her. Show your care for her. At least they also need some pamper as their energy.
  • PMS causes irritability in many women. But it is not the only cause behind your fight. You can also realize later that you are equally responsible for the quarrel. So do not blame on PMS as, many women do not face it.
  • It is a wrong conception that your wife is dressed up only for you. Women dressed up to become attractive to all even in the eyes of other girls. So, when she get compliments from other men, don’t ne panicked. Give her maximum attention, so that she cannot look elsewhere.
  • Don’t forget to call and text her regularly. If you do so, make proper excuses and produce them to her with some surprising gifts to please her. What all the women want from their men is the ATTENTION. So, never make them deprived of your attention at all.

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