Solution To Children’s Day Dreaming

Daydreaming Girl

Does your child day dream? So what- the legendary inventor Thomas Edison used to day dream as well! Day dreaming is healthy as it helps children discover themselves and develop creativity as well. But you should know that day dreaming can very well prove harmful if it starts happening frequently. It is a behavioral disorder and should be cured as soon as you come to know of it. Here is what you should do to stop day dreaming:

  • Health : Observe the habits of your kids. Are they getting enough sleep? Are you feeding them nutritious food? Ensuring good sleep and healthy diet is most essential for the children to stay active rather than being lost in their dreams.
  • Creativity : Kids are a storehouse of enthusiasm and creativity. The issue of day dreaming can start if kids are not provided the means to express their creativity. Buying puzzles for them, healthy habits like reading illustrative stories, encouraging drawing and painting, picking toys that keep them interested and engaged – are some cool choices.
  • Exercise : Doctors say that the kids might start compensating for insufficient physical workout by indulging in too much mental workout – that is day dreaming. Ask them what physical activities and games they would like to indulge in and incorporate them in routine.
  • Activities : Children day dream to escape from the present. So the child is likely to day dream when the present is not as enjoyable as he/she wants is to be. Look at what activities your child indulges in and then see if the child finds it boring. Then make the activities interesting and also come up with new funny activities.
  • Expert Help : When none of the above works, it is time you visit a good behavioral expert. You should especially take help if the child’s academia or productivity gets affected because of the day dreaming habit.

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