Skin Damaging : List of Foods That damages your skin and its beauty

Aerated Drinks

The following foods are known to cause skin damage:

  • Processed Foods : They harm the skin in several ways. The skin doesn’t get any nutrition and these foods contain ample amounts of preservatives. Processed foods are packed with flavor enhancers, hydrogenated oils, artificial coloring and high amount of sugar and salt.
  • Fried Stuff : As tempting as it seems, it is a definite no-no when it comes to keeping the skin acne free. The oily food forms a layer on the skin that traps bacteria – leading to acne.
  • Serials : This might be a surprising one, looking at how famous this food is for breakfast. Majority serials are packed with refined flower, artificial sweetener, sugar and corn syrup.
  • Refined Flour : Foods containing white bread are made from white flour. They have high glycemic index that introduce high amount of glucose into the body that causes skin problems.
  • Artificial Sweeteners : These are advertised as food for weight loss, but are in fact bad for health as they harm the skin.
  • Caffeine : Too much of it dehydrates the skin and encourages cortisol production that brings about early aging.
  • Salt : Processed Iodized salt should be replaced by rock salt if you need tabletop salt. Salt can be responsible for acne and gives a puffed look to the skin.
  • Aerated Drinks : Everybody knows that aerated drinks are not exactly good for overall health. The truth is they are harmful to skin as well. The high levels of caffeine and sugar is what accelerates aging of the skin and makes it dull.
  • Sugars : It is not just chocolate or candies that are packed with sugars. Processed food and packaged foods, fruit juice, premixes and ready to eat items – all have high levels of sugars.
  • Alcohol : Indulging in too much of alcohol deprives the skin of moisture as it dehydrates the skin.

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