Simple Treatment for headaches during Pregnancy

Headache during Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a trying time for women, physically. Due to hormonal fluctuations, women tend to suffer from various ailments and pregnancy issues and discomforts. One of the most common problems faced by expectant mothers is recurring headaches.  Although the frequency differs from woman to woman, headaches during pregnancy are frequent during the first and third semesters. The headaches can be due to hormonal changes, increased stress, low blood sugar, dehydration and sleep deprivation. Some remedies the expectant mother can follow are:

1. Rest and relaxation – you need to rest a lot during pregnancy. Getting a whiff of fresh air, a gentle walk, good music and activities you enjoy is a good remedy. Avoid bright lights and noisy environments.

2. Eating well – eat well and regularly to maintain blood sugar levels and therefore, reduce headache tendencies during pregnancy.

3. Intake of fluids – one major cause of headaches is dehydration. Therefore, other than the required intake of 8-12 glasses of water to be drunk daily, it is a good idea to drink a glass of water in case you feel a headache coming.

4. Posture – bad posture may be a reason for headaches, especially during the last trimester. Always maintain a good posture, whether at home, work or while resting.

5. Manage stress – avoid stress during pregnancy. Spend less time dwelling on work and issues and spend more time with family during this time.

6. Massage – a good massage is an extremely nice cure for a headache. Along with the relaxation, it relieves the expectant mother of stress.

7. A hot or cold compress – Apply the compress to your face, eyes, temples and back of the neck to relieve yourself of the headache.

8. Regular exercise – there are certain exercises prescribed for pregnant women. They will ease your headache.

9. Sleep – pregnant women should certainly follow a sleep pattern as this can get affected during pregnancy.

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