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Love, a wonderful felling which is experienced by every normal beings atleast once in their lifetime. The feeling can be for one’s parents, for a Boy to a Girl, or for a Girl to a Boy. Love is an unconditional feeling which is expressed by living being. An unselfish, loyal, generous concern for another. How does it feel, when your crush, one day become your love? Let’s check out in this article, some signs you are in love.

You Always Think About The Person
: This is probably the first sign of you in love. You unconsciously think about the person you love. The feeling is exceptionally wonderful about the beautiful girl, or the handsome guy you just met became a huge crush to you.

A Great Chemistry
: You all of a sudden find that there is no flaw in the person you are with, and everything’s seems to be so right. Even their imperfections are seemed to be perfect.

You Don’t Find Other Men Or Women Attractive : You generally stop finding men or women attractive, as your attraction is shifted and is fixed to a single person. You feel like that she is the most beautiful girl on the earth, and he is the most handsome guy you have ever met.

You Miss The Person Too Much : It feels like you have a lot to say, but you totally become numb, when he or she comes right in front of you. That’s because you want him or her always around you.

Waiting for Their Replies
: You keep checking your phone every now and then hoping for them to reply. You are on cloud 9 soon you see their text appears in your cell phone.

Change in Priorities
: Suddenly he or she become you first priority.

You blush Or Smile without Any Reasons : You end up blushing or smiling alone without any reason, just by remembering the person you love.

Love is a wonderful emotion which tie the bond between to different or unknown person for a lifelong relation.

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