Signs Of Insufficient Stomach Acid

Stomach Acid

Stomach acid is vital in the digestion of food. The digestive system starts malfunctioning when the stomach acid is low. Presence of following symptoms is an indication of low stomach acid:

  • Bloating : If your belly feels bloated and you experience flatulence after meals, it is a sign that the acid levels are low in your stomach.
  • Skin Problems : Sudden acne or the drying up of skin is also one of the symptoms.
  • Stomach Problems : Some undigested food may be left behind in the large intestine in case you suffer from indigestion. As a result, the large intestine gets swollen which in turn leads to constipation, diarrhea and burning sensation in the stomach.
  • Undigested Food in the Waste : When the stomach acid level is low, the environment becomes favorable for the microorganisms present in the belly. These bacteria grow because they survive on the undigested carbohydrate in the stomach. Their overgrowth and the undigested food together create excessive pressure, resulting in undigested food in the waste.
  • Abnormal Fingernails : Low stomach acid can make the fingernails week and even cause then to peel or crack.
  • Allergies : If you suddenly find yourself to be allergic to some foods, then low stomach acid may be the cause.
  • Heartburn : People often associate heartburn with excessive stomach acids. But in fact, too little acid can also be responsible for heartburn. Lower esophageal sphincter is a valve present above the stomach. When it is frequently opened towards the food pipe, it will release pressure and result in heartburn.
  • Fatigue : One sign of low stomach acid is frequent fatigue.
  • Chronic Candida : This is a yeast infection accompanied by discomfort like itchy skin, diarrhea, muscle pain and constipation. Patients have observed that enhancing the acid levels in the stomach helps fight this infection.
  • Hair Loss : This symptom occurs in ladies. Women suffering from hair loss should consider low stomach acid as one possible cause.

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