Remedies For Pus In Urine

Cranberry Juice

Pus cells in the urine can be due to sundry factors- kidney stones, viral, fungal or infection, prostrate infection in men, side effects of medicines or even pregnancy. Here are some natural remedies for dealing with this issue:

Garlic : People suffering from pus in urine can eat raw garlic or have it in the form of capsules.

Baking Soda : It is known to slow down bacterial growth in the urinary tract. Add two teaspoons of baking soda in a glass of water and consume.

Golden Seal : This herb is another one known to fight bacterial infections. Its liquid extract should be had everyday.

Echinacea : A good herbal treatment for pus cells, Echinacea herb destroys the bacteria that cause infection in the urinary tract. It can be had in the form of capsule or liquid extract.

Green Tea : The antioxidants in green tea rid the body of bacteria and toxins.

Oregano Oil : This oil should be added to meals.

Cranberry Juice : The acid in it makes the blood a little acidic, making the bacteria unable to survive in this acidic medium.

Coriander Seeds : Soak the seeds in water for 12 hours. Grind them to make a paste and consume with water.

Yogurt : It contains probiotics- bacteria that are beneficial. They fight the harmful bacteria present in the urinary tract and vagina. Yogurt thus gives relief from burning sensation and painful urination.

Pineapple : It is another cure for pus cells in the urine and should be had daily for best results.

Cinnamon Seeds : It reduces the pain because of pus cells. Consume cinnamon powder with a glass of water or it can be had with tea as well.

Vitamin C : sources of this vitamin are citrus fruits such as lemon, strawberry, oranges, grapes and tomato.

Cucumber Juice : It hydrates your body and makes you urinate more frequently- thus flushing out the bacteria.

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