Relief In Labor Pain

Labor Pain

Labor pain is something that all pregnant ladies are concerned about. But the good news is they can fight this pain in several easy ways:

Breathe : This is the foremost thing suggested to women in labor. Breathing relaxes the mother and calms her down. Breathe regularly and slowly. Just focus on your breath and inhale and exhale deeply.

Cool/Warm Compress : Take a warm pack and place it on the lower abdomen, lower back, shoulders or groin.

Visual Imagery : Try focusing on something positive in the labor room. This can be your partner’s face or any relatives by your side. It engages your focus elsewhere and takes away your attention away from the pain.

Oil : Sandalwood and lavender oils are good for this purpose. Take a few drops of the oil on a handkerchief and inhale the fragrance. The oil can be added in bathing water too.

Audio Tools : This is another great choice that many women use nowadays. For the labor day, record some audio of your choice in advance. Examples are your favorite music, positive sounds like that of ocean waves or a soothing voice.

Soak : Soaking in warm water is a great way to reduce the pain. Relax in a tub of hot water for some time.

Massage : This is another one in the list of things that ladies in labor should go for. Gently massage your feet, shoulder or hands so that you are distracted from the labor pains. Asking your partner for the massage is a great idea as it gives a feeling of assurance that he is with you in this difficult time.

Move : Ladies in labor are advised to move on birthing ball, walk around and change positions to feel better and reduce the pain. Such movement has another advantage- it helps in birth by gradually moving the baby downwards.

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