Reasons Why Girls Should Work After Marriage ?

Girls Should Work After Marriage

There are several good reasons why girls should continue job after marriage:

  • Financial Freedom : She can invest wherever and whenever she wants to as it is her own money she has to make decision for.
  • Progress : There are several things out there to explore and benefit from. She would miss out new and great opportunities of progress that she can otherwise enjoy when she has a job in hand.
  • Self-Improvement : Doing a job lets her grow as she improves on her abilities and it gives an excellent opportunity to develop.
  • Independence : The woman becomes independent when she opts for a job after marriage and is capable of fending for herself.
  • Good for Family : Both husband and wife will have an income and it would be a greater financial support for the family.
  • Self-Satisfaction : She would be satisfied having taken care of children and husband as well. But what did she do for herself? This is when job comes into play. It makes her feel satisfied that she has achieved for herself too.
  • Skills : Dropping the idea of job post marriage wastes the skills that she acquires in her school and college life. Whereas in doing a job, she gets the chance to sharpen her skills with time.
  • Great Example : It sets a fine example for the children, especially girls. They learn how to take care of family while earning at the same time.
  • Beat Loneliness : She might get all the love and respect from husband and children but the husband has his job to focus on and the children will move out some day. The woman would be left alone then but she wouldn’t feel the emptiness if she has a job.
  • Self-Esteem : The girl would be fully dedicated to taking care of the family and her life is restricted to this family life only. She might end up doubting her own capabilities and lose self respect.

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