Reason why Indians Eat with their Hands ?

Eating With Their Hands

It might be very awkward to see, that even in this fast moving life, some people of Southern Asia still prefers to eat with bare hands. That’s claimed to be a part of their culture. They avoid eating with cutlery and mandatorily specify eating with right hands. This culture too have some Acupuncture, Vedic, Ayurveda and Yoga practices. In this article we will find out the reasons why Indians love to eat with hands.

  • Foods Tastes Better When Eaten With Hands : India is known for its variety of foods. Foods tastes much better when you eat with hands. So next time when you are given rich with decorated cutlery’s, eat with your fingers, and enjoy the richness of Indian food.
  • Comfortable Feeling : Eating with hands, gives a great comfort, than eating with forks, or chopsticks. It helps to enjoy the meal greatly.
  • Lick it up : Can you lick the spoon or fork, after eating your meal? No. but it is possible when you eat with hands. You can lick your fingers, till the last bits. It’s an advantage of eating with hands.
  • Cutlery a Headache : Don’t you get confused, about how to cut the food with a fork or knife? Children should be kept far away from this, unless they learn their usage.
  • Temperature, as a Saviour : When you eat with cutlery, you won’t be able to judge the temperature. The result in affect you burn your mouth.
  • Positive Energy : Food contains various energies- positives, negatives, pains, emotions, thoughts and so on. It passes through various people like cook, waiter, spice sellers, so it is believed that it clear up all the energies if ate by hands.
  • The Smell of Spices : No matter how hard you try, the smell won’t get rid of your hand. The beautiful smell of the spices is a reason for Indians to eat with hands.

Try atleast once in your lifetime to relish the experience of eating with hands.

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