Pregnancy tips – Natural remedies for cold during pregnancy

Natural remedies for cold during pregnancy

Pregnancy is a period in a woman’s life when she has to be safe from illnesses and infections. Although most of the illnesses can be combated, the dreaded cold can always catch one unawares and worries women during pregnancy. According to gynaecologists, when asked about the regular problems faced by pregnant people, they reply that pregnant women generally inquire about the medication to be taken for cold during pregnancy. In case of medication, there are always the side effects one worries about and it is always better to opt for natural and simple home remedies. So here are a few tips for all the mothers-to-be.

1. drinking fluids – during pregnancy, in case you catch a cold, drink a lot of warm fluids. Not only will the warmth clear the nasal passages, but will also keep you hydrated.

2. Drinking soups – drinking soups is always good during a cold as not only does it provide warmth to the body, it helps during cough and cold and nourishes the body.

3. Steam – inhaling steam in case of stuffy nose is another home remedy during cough and cold. It also reduces headache.

4. Spiced tea – tea brewed with spices like clove, herbal tulsi leaves etc is good for health during times of cough and cold.

5. Take rest – cough and cold saps the body of a lot of strength and affects the immunity. Therefore, rest is essential during this time.

6. Add extra pillow – in case of a stuffy nose, it is always a good idea to add an extra pillow under the head while sleeping. This will raise the level of the head, clearing the nasal passage and will make breathing easier.

7. Spitting – instead of storing the mucus by sniffing it back into the throat, spit it out every time. This will prevent chest congestion as well.

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