Over eating disorder – Problems and side effects

Over eating disorder

The meal is over. It has been a good wholesome filling meal. You suddenly spot the last piece of pie and reach out to it. Although the stomach might be bursting, you need to have the pie. Or you are at a party and someone has piled your plate. Although you are full, you do not like to waste and end up clearing the plate. Although it is a noble pursuit, it is a clear sign of overeating.  Some people eat more to fight depression or to combat sadness and loneliness. Overeating, as harmless as it sounds, can give rise to a number of other problems.

Obesity – overeating will certainly make you obese as you are ingesting much more than you can digest and metabolise, leading to fat deposits in the body. Although there are a few people who still manage to stay skinny due to a high rate of metabolism, most of the time, people tend to grow overweight. Side effects of obesity are well known – Type 2 diabetes, cancer, hypertension, sleep apnea etc.

Malnutrition – in case of binging on food low in nutrition like chips, burgers and sodas, you will certainly not be providing the body with nutrition, but more fat deposits. Due to this, your body will be low on fats and vitamins, leading to illnesses and side effects of malnutrition.

Depression – although you would love to control your over eating habits, somehow you cannot. The guilt that will stem from this will lead to depression pangs every now and then. Depression brings in its wake several emotional issues like insomnia, sadness, loss of morale, especially at social events, sleeps disorders and might have suicidal tendencies.

Drug/ alcohol abuse – it is a vicious process that starts from overeating, continues through the guilt and depression with you finally resorting to alcohol or drugs to feel better. This can be the worst effect.

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