Onion is the inexpensive and 100% effective solution for treating baldness


Onions are known to be used at home in the kitchen mostly for cooking. What people do not know is that onions can also be used in hair growth and sustenance. It is a natural remedy that helps in successful hair loss treatment. Some people use it in reversal of grey hair just as it is used in hair growth by applying it on the scalp.

Onion which is rich in several nutrients helps in so many ways. It contains sulphur and anti-bacterial properties. This help by improving the blood circulation in the head and nourishing the hair follicles. Hair loss is prevented by the eradication of scalp infection by applying onion juice on tones head. Enzyme catalyses prevents premature graying and also treats it in case it starts early.

It has been proven scientifically that truly onions are a good remedy. Research and Ayurveda shows  that there is great improvement hair growth  in people who applies onion juice daily or twice a week. This comes to give onion juice another job apart from being an ingredient in our kitchens while preparing meals.


Red onions are used as alternative way of keeping hair healthy and here are some of the reasons why;

  • Improves blood circulation- healthy hair needs blood circulation. By massaging onion juice into the scalp blood circulation in the head is improved. This done by mixing onion juice and coconut oil.
  • Dandruff remover-onion juice is used to remove dandruff when mixed with buttermilk, lemon juice and honey.
  • Scalp infection cure- to avoid fungal infection and hair damage onion juice can be rubbed or massaged into the scalp. Red onions help in unblocking clogged hair follicles.
  • Prevents hair loss-sulphur a nutrient found in onions that can be used to increase the health of hair.


  •  First the onions are peeled and cut into small pieces.
  • Then the juice needs to be extracted, one can either use a food processor, a grater or a juicer.
  • The juice should be rubbed and massaged into the scalp and ensure the bald parts are also applied on well.
  • Massage the entire scalp with the juice for atleast 5 minutes for improving blood circulation.
  • After that leave the juice on your head for 15 minutes or less and then wash it out using mild shampoo.
  • For Best Results apply it daily

Recently a person had tried out this method and posted his experience after 1month in his facebook profile .

Onion and baldness

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