Natural Treatments for anxiety


We all are well acquainted with that constant worry or a fear. Anxiety is a result of the stress that causes the mind to feel disturbed, confused and scared. Anxiety can stem from a lot of causes, everyday tensions at work, at home, performance etc.

Anxiety can be either minor or major. In the case of minor anxiety, it does not affect much mentally or physically, just a passing fear. But in case of prolonged anxiety or frequently occurring anxiety, mental problems such as tension, depression, nausea, headache, fatigue etc can occur. Although there are chemical methods for this, natural methods are preferable in order to avoid side effects.

1. Food – food is a good way to relieve anxiety as it relaxes the mind. Certain foods act as stress busters such as green tea, cinnamon and basil. Heavy breakfasts are a good way to reduce anxiety throughout the day.

2. Relaxation technique – whenever having a bout of anxiety, opt for your favourite relaxation technique. It can be a long walk, music, a favourite movie, light reading etc. They will divert your mind from worry.

3. Yoga - Yoga is a good way to drive off stress as the rhythmic breathing helps control the mind and emotions.

4. Exercising – Vigorous exercise is the best and healthiest way to stave off anxiety. It will make you feel fresh and energetic.

5. Meditation – Meditation can help immensely as it helps you focus, control your mind and feel peaceful. You may find the solutions to your problems by simply fifteen minutes of meditation every day.

6. Attack the root cause – Anxiety stems from a lot of reasons such as performance issues at home, work, studies etc. Failures in finances, relationships and disasters are a few of the causes. Identify the cause and work on it. Try to expect less from life. it will ease the stress on you

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