Natural Sea Salt Benefits

Sea Salt

Table salt does not have the minerals that your body needs. Instead, it is better to take sea salt as it has several benefits:

Sleep : Bathing with salt water has a calming effect, thus promoting a restful sleep.

Digestion : Taking salt water in the morning promotes digestion and helps in absorption as well. With the intake of salt, the salivary amylase- the digestive enzyme of the mouth gets activated.

Longer Life : Studies prove that taking low natural salt is associated with shorter life. Japanese enjoy the longest life expectancy since they have ample salt in their diet.

Electrolyte Replacement : The minerals calcium, potassium, magnesium and sodium maintain electrolyte balance in the body. When dehydration occurs, these electrolytes are lost. The sea salt restores this balance in the body.

Dental Care : Fluoride is essential for dental health. It is found in natural salt and therefore salt protects your teeth from cavities and harmful acid.

Hydration : When you take natural salt water in the morning, it will energize you, give protection from dehydration and reduce symptoms of allergy.

Blood Sugar : Insulin utilizes blood glucose to prevent diabetes. When the salt intake is low, the insulin cannot perform this function efficiently. Salt is therefore essential to prevent diabetes.

Painful Feet : Soaking your feet in warm salt water will reduce pain, soreness & swelling and relaxes the muscles.

Hair : Massage your scalp with sea water to encourage hair growth. The salt water is known to strengthen hair follicles and enhance blood circulation as well.

Reduces Stress : Taking salt reduces the level of stress hormone that is cortisol – responsible for stress.

Rheumatoid Arthritis : People suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis should take sufficient amount of salt as it helps in reducing the pain.

Eyes : Washing with salt water reduces puffiness below the eyes. The dark circles are reduced as well.

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