Natural Cure For Nasal Sores

Nasal Sores

Nasal sores can be naturally cured with several home remedies:

  • Stress Reduction : Stress is the major cause of nasal sores as it harms the immune system. This doesn’t let the minerals and vitamins to be absorbed properly in the body. Relieving yourself of stress is very essential to get rid of nasal sores.
  • Soups : They are easy to prepare and packed with nutrients- proteins, minerals and vitamins. Mix vegetable, mutton and chicken soups are good choices.
  • Petroleum Jelly : It prevents dryness inside the nose and increases moisture. It will therefore rid you of the pain that is due to dryness of the sores.
  • Exercise : It enhances blood circulation, strengthens the immune system and heals the sores.
  • Ginger : Make a paste of ginger and apply on the sores.
  • Vitamin C : This magic vitamin is great when it comes to sores and wounds. Good sources are citrus fruits – orange, pineapple, strawberries, tomato and lemon.
  • Lysine : The amino acid lysine is useful in healing nasal sores. Sources are cheese, beans and fish.
  • Fluids : Have enough fluids to keep your body hydrated. Add cardamom and ginger that quicken the healing process and reduce inflammation.
  • Salt : Mix salt with warm water and rinse your nose with this solution. It fights infection and reduces inflammation.
  • Warm Shower : It clears nasal passages and gives relief to those suffering from congestion in the chest as well.
  • Witch Hazel : The liquid extract of this herb should be applied inside the nose.
  • Strengthen Immune System : Nasal sores can be due to weak immune system. Immunity can be enhanced with healthy diet and exercise.
  • Vitamin A&D Oil/ Ointment : Take clean cotton and apply the oil or ointment inside the nose. It fights the bacterial infection without any side effects.
  • Probacterial Food : Probiotics found in food like cheese and yogurt, are the good bacteria. These help in the absorption of minerals and vitamins from your intestines.

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