Natural Cure For High Blood Sugar


It is troublesome for diabetics to keep their blood sugar level at bay. The following natural remedies are very useful for such people:

Meals : Diabetics are advised to have smaller meals. Divide your meals and consume in intervals of two/three hours. This would help avoid the sudden rise of blood sugar level post large meals.

Buckwheat : It has high levels of fiber that is useful in maintaining normal blood sugar level. It helps the sugar from gut to be absorbed into blood.

Exercise : Good exercises like jogging and brisk walk help the pancreas to secrete insulin that is a cure for high blood sugar.

Laugh : As funny as it sounds, this exercise is great for diabetics. Laugh after meals to enable insulin secretion.

Bread : Be sure to select the right type of bread. Fast carbohydrates in white bread are infamous for increasing blood sugar level. Whole wheat bread should be preferred since it supplies sustained and slow sugar to the blood.

Magnesium : Magnesium rich foods such as spinach, fish, nuts and avocado should be included in the diet.

Cardamom : It can be consumed along with tea or its powder can be sprinkled on food.

Dairy Products : They are packed with protein, fat and calcium. Eating dairy foods would normalize the blood sugar level. Low fat dairy foods enhance the insulin secretion in obese persons.

Nuts & Legumes : These are packed with vitamins, minerals and proteins that help in controlling blood sugar level.

Watch Your Diet : Avoid junk food as artificial foods increase the chances of having heart disease and diabetes.

Grapefruit : With this fruit, the metabolism of glucose increases. It is thus another natural way to keep blood sugar level under control.

Sleep : The insulin secretion rises when a person is sleep deprived, thus increasing the chances of having diabetes. Eight hours of restful sleep should be had daily.

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