Multani Mitti Beauty Benefits on Skin

Multani-Mitti and Face beauty

Multani mitti or Fuller’s earth is very useful as a natural cosmetic product. Known as a skin purifier and cleanser, the magnesium chloride  content in Multani Mitti is useful for acne and pigmentation reduction on the face. It can be found in a lot of face packs and skin packs as it is suitable for every type of skin and blends well with every cosmetic product although people with dry skin must not use this in winter as it can make the skin drier and lead to patches. A lot of homemade packs are possible by mixing it with curd, cream, lemon, rose water etc. It is easily the cheapest cosmetic available. Yet, it is the most useful.

1. Cleanser – magnesium content in multani mitti has a cleansing effect that reduces acne and blemishes from the skin. It cleanses the pores of dirt and bacteria, thus preventing any more acne breakouts. Therefore, it is an effective cleansing and purifying agent.

2. exfoliator – Fuller’s earth can be used as an exfoliator or scrubber as it scrubs away blackheads and white heads from the skin. It is a good skin rejuvenating agent by being a combination of a scrub, cleanser and face pack and is devoid of side effects.

3. Complexion enhancer – on applying fuller’s earth regularly, it can remove tan and enhance the complexion of the skin. The anti tan products available in the market mostly contain Fuller’s earth. It reduces skin tan, inflammation and pigmentation, making the skin clean and clear.

4. texture improver – Fuller’s earth is a good agent when it comes to improving the texture of the skin. It makes the skin smooth and fair by reducing the uneven patches in the skin. In order to reap the benefits, one must use Fuller’s earth regularly to get a healthy and even skin tone and texture.

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