Low estrogen levels symptoms in women

Low estrogen levels symptoms in women

Let us start by answering what estrogen is. Estrogen is a hormone present in the female body which is responsible for the feminine sexual characteristics – developed breasts, shapely bottom and more body fat. Other features like smooth skin and less body hair are also controlled by the estrogen hormone. In women, there can be normal, high or low levels. To know better, there are certain symptoms. A large number of women, young and old,  suffer from a low estrogen level which shows itself through symptoms like fatigue, low sexual arousal, irregular menstruation, forgetfulness, insomnia and mood swings.

1. Early menopause – it is a symptom of low estrogen levels. It is accompanied by hot flashes, cold chills, night sweats and increased heart palpitations.

2. Fatigue – fatigue at night is normal as the body wishes to rest after a long day. But if you feel tired throughout the day, it might signify a low level of estrogen hormone.

3. Improper sleep patterns – improper and disturbed sleep is a sign of low estrogen hormone. It is also often accompanied by mood swings and fatigue.

4. Water weight – if you are suddenly putting on weight, you might be suffering from low estrogen levels. It is termed as water weight.

5. Dryness – due to low estrogen hormone secretions, there can be dryness in the skin, vagina and eyes.

6. Low sex drive – as estrogen is the sexual hormone in women, less secretion of the hormone can affect sexual intercourse and lack the desire and feel more pain during intercourse.

7. Joint pain – in case of low estrogen hormone in women, the calcium in the bones is depleted, making them brittle and may make the women prone to osteoporosis.

8. Depression – due to low estrogen hormone levels, women can suffer from anxiety, stress and irritability.

9. Vaginal infections – women with low estrogen levels are prone to more low estrogen levels.

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