List of Foods that increase or Boost Fertility

Citrus Fruits

There are certain foods that enhance fertility in women. You can fulfill your dream of becoming a mother by taking these foods that increase the chances of conceiving:

  • Iron Rich Food : Iron deficiency degrades the quality of eggs and affects ovulation. Salmon, red meat and chicken help maintain healthy eggs. Iron is of utmost importance in the formation of blood cells that deliver oxygen to all body parts including the ovaries. The deficiency in oxygen weakens the eggs and ovaries, thus preventing pregnancy.
  • Asparagus : This food boosts the women’s ability to ovulate. They should be eaten steamed or raw in the form of salads.
  • Eggs : These have sufficient amount of high quality protein. Eggs of chicken, duck and even fish are advised to the ladies who wish to become mothers. Eggs contain zinc too, that helps in conception. Yet another beneficial component in eggs is Vitamin D, whose deficiency can lead to infertility.
  • Salmon : Other than having a lot of iron, salmon is rich in omega-3 fatty acid that is a blessing for the reproductive organs. It regulates the reproductive hormones and also promotes blood flow to the ovaries and womb.
  • Green Peas : These have high levels of zinc. Zinc is very essential for fertility, and its deficiency can significantly weaken fertility.
  • Citrus Fruits : This type of food is rich in Vitamin C that has great benefits. It aids in ovulation and the release of egg from the ovaries, thus boosting the chances of conceiving. Another effect is the prevention of sperm clumping and enhancing the sperm mobility. Citrus fruits include orange, kiwi fruit, grape fruit, limes, lemon, pomelos and tangerines.
  • Shellfish : These are rich in Vitamins D and B12. This food is a must for the women suffering from polycystic ovarian disease that obstructs conception. Another element in shellfish is zinc that promotes reproductive health of women.

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