List of Acidic Foods To Be Avoided

Acidic Foods

Certain foods contain valuable nutrients but are unhealthy as they contain a lot of acid. Consuming such foods might lead to diabetes and cause damage to kidneys. Regular consumption of the following foods should be avoided:

  • Blueberries : Canned blueberries are very acidic. This is because of the artificial sweetners and the preservatives that are added to the can for taste and longevity of the food. Instead of canned, fresh natural blueberries should be eaten.
  • Alcohol : All forms of alcohol are very acidic.
  • Olives : Olives that are soaked in vinegar are very harmful. This combination contains high level of acid.
  • Lentils : These should be taken in small amounts. If they are consumed every day, the acid present in them will have a negative effect on the liver.
  • Cranberries : They are acidic in canned form and it is best to eat them fresh.
  • Sesame Oil : Other than creating acid, sesame oil creates heat within the body.
  • Baked Items : Baked items contain a lot of flour and flour creates acid when it reaches the stomach.
  • Yogurt : Its pH level is 6. Rather than being eaten alone, it is better to take it along with some other food items.
  • Peanut Oil : Among the several oils available in the market, peanut oil is the one to be avoided as it is significantly acidic.
  • Corn : It should be eaten fried. In friend form, it contains comparatively lesser acid than boiled corn.
  • Walnuts : This is a great food for the brain. But walnuts should not be consumed in high amounts as they are acidic foods.
  • Cashew Oil : This type of oil too is acidic. A good alternative is olive oil.
  • Fruit Juice : Readymade fruit juice is acidic as it contains preservatives.
  • Milk : This too is high in acid. In fact, it has a pH level of 6.4. Cow’s milk contains less acid when compared to milk powder.

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