Keep your Baby Warm in winter :

Baby Warm in Winter

At last winter is here with all its sweetness and warmth. But it is really difficult times for babies. So mothers are little bit worried, how to keep their baby warm in this chilling winter. There are numbers of way to keep your baby safe and warm. Here I am going to give you some tips to tackle winter for your babies.

  • Wrapping with Warm Cloth : It is a common practice to wrap the baby in warm cloth to give him/ her comfort in winter. But make sure that the cloth or blanket is not too heavy and hot. Heavy blanket makes difficulties in baby’s breath and activities. Too warm wrapping even increase the chance of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) or cot death.
  • Give a Nice Massage : Before going to bed in night give your baby a nice massage with oil. Then cover him with blanket and put socks on his feet. Massage increases the blood circulation in the body of a baby and proper blood circulation helps him to feel warm and comfortable.
  • Milk before Sleep : Make a practice of giving your baby a glass of warm milk, before going to sleep. Warm milk is really helpful to prevent cold weather. You can also give your baby warm water instead of regular water throughout the day to keep him warm right.
  • Take your Baby in your Lap : Your warmth makes the right comfortable warmth of your baby. So, try to hold him often in your chest and give warmth of your body. This will make your baby comfortable and happy. This tip is very helpful specially in chilling winter night.
  • Care his Ear and Feet : Make sure that you cover the feet and ear of your baby properly. Especially in night times when the temperature drops you must have to put on socks to your baby’s feet. A right warm beanie and socks help to keep them cozy.
  • Honey : Honey is a grandmother’s trick to keep your baby warm in winter. Give a teaspoon of honey every day in morning to your baby. He will surely feel comfortable as well as enjoy the sweet taste of it.

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