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We live in a digital age. From shopping to interacting with friends, we do everything online. While there is no denying the fact that the internet has brought the world closer and has made lifestyle easier than before, there are some negatives as well. Elders complain that the youth are spending too much time online and instead of talking face to face to with real persons, they are more interested in making friends with virtual people. While this issue can be debated as a matter of perspective, there is one issue on which everyone agrees- online security. Revealing personal details can be very risky as you can become victim of fraud and a host of other cyber crimes. To protect yourself, you should never reveal certain types of information on the internet, especially when using social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook and while doing online transactions.

  • Use Proper Privacy Setting - there are options on social networking sites to decide who will be able to see to your photos and posts. You should not let everyone see your personal photos and posts. Try to keep it among the people who you know in real life. There have been incidents across the world where revelation of personal content has cost the person his job or has landed him in some kind of complication.
  • Conversations – do not reveal personal chats. Not only is it a matter of mutual trust but a third person can take advantage of it in a wrong way.
  • Links – often you will come across links that try to grab your attention with alluring content. But use only trusted sites as the links may be spam.
  • Professional Information – try to keep your personal and professional life separated. Better to avoid posting office matters on social media.
  • Contact & Financial Details – details like phone number, address, bank account number should never be shared publicly as fraudsters can use them to rob you.

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