How to stop snoring at night?


Snoring is one of the bad habits and can result due to some change in lifestyle or following bad techniques. Such activities are really bad and can make anyone feel irritated. Studies reveal that forty five percent of men and thirty percent of women snore on regular basis. The muscles in the back of the throat relax and become “floppy” when we are sleeping. The walls of the throat will vibrate if there is obstacle at anyplace between the tip of the nose and the vocal chords which in turn can cause the sounds of snoring. There are many reasons behind such problem and few are discussed below:

Causes of Snoring

  •   Over weight and bulkiness can be one of the reasons behind snoring. Because of the fats that are accumulated inside the body can cause blockages and result such sound.
  •   Too much smoking can result in this bad habit. Smoking can cause the mucous membranes of the nose and tissue to swell up. Such selling creates an obstacle leading to loud noises called snoring.
  •   Muscles are more relaxed compared to normal sleep once the person drinks alcohol. Throat muscles become loose and because of this the air passes through the nasal airways and causes the sound.
  •   Sometimes the sleeping position can also give rise to such problems. Gravity pulls the palate, tonsils, and tongue towards the back when we are sleeping as we lie on our backs. This narrows the airway and cause turbulence in airflow, tissue vibration and snoring.
  •   In children and even in some infants the enlarged tonsils can cause snoring.
  •   The uvula is located at the center and back of the soft palate. If uvula is abnormally long or thick, then it can also contribute to snoring.
  •   In some cases the tongue is large backwards and it narrows the space for air flows in the pharynx and results in vibrations and snoring.
  •   Soft palate, part of the palate in the oral cavity is a soft flap of tissue that hangs downward in the reverse of the mouth. Snoring is caused by the shaking if it is too extended or soft.

Natural ways to stop or  prevent snoring

  •   Increase the pillow height and it can help your cause and reduce the snoring.
  •   Try to reduce the body weight and it effects tremendously, overweight is one of the main reasons for snoring.
  •   Avoid all bad habits. Alcohol is one of the main reasons for snoring, so try avoiding it.
  •   One good way is to sing your favorite song continuously for 15 minutes every day. It has helped many.
  •   Avoid all dairy products before going to bed.
  •   Sleeping posture is one of the reasons for snoring. So make sure you sleep properly and breathe through nose.
  •   Exercises are one of the best therapies. Try practicing snoring exercises and it will help you to overcome the problem.
  •   Sinus infections and allergies can cause snoring problems. Usage of humidifier can help your cause and decrease the amount of congestion and gives a relief to your throat.
  •   Playing didgeridoo can be helpful as it strengthens the muscles and reduces the snoring problems.
  •   Smoking can also cause snoring problems and for that reason it is suggested to avoid smoking to overcome the problem.
  •   Avoid the usage of sleeping pills and sedatives as such tablets or a pill slows down the central nervous system.
  •   Frequently clean the nasal passages before going to bed and protect yourself from dust and pollution as it causes nasal congestion.

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