How to Protect Babies From Mosquitoes

Mosquito Bites Baby

Mosquitoes prove harmful especially for babies. They spread dreaded diseases whose effects would be more pronounced in babies. Here are the steps to be followed for a good protection:

  • Make the Home Safer : Window panes should be used for doors and windows. They should be kept in good condition. Doors and windows should also be kept shut, especially in the evening, so that mosquitoes do not enter the house. Small things should also be taken care of. If you like to keep bird bath, the water should be changed daily.
  • Mosquito Net : This is very essential as the baby cannot defend itself against mosquitoes. The net should be used while the baby sleeps during the night, as well as in the day. It should also be used when the baby occupies its stroller or car seat.
  • Proper Clothes : The baby’s body should be fully covered even if the weather is warm. Use thinner fabric for summer and make sure that the baby is clad in full sleeved shirts and full pants. Use lighter colors, as bright fabric is notorious for attracting insects.
  • Prevent them from Breeding : Standing water rapidly promotes the breeding of mosquitoes. Take care to remove standing water from all surrounding areas. Your home and the neighborhood should be kept as clean as possible. Garbage and dirt is the best breeding ground for mosquitoes. Also, repair leakage problems in pipes and clean the clogged pipes. Keeping freshwater minnows or a goldfish is a good way to prevent larvae in pools.
  • Avoid Unsafe Ambience : Do not take the baby to the places that are likely to have mosquitoes. Places with trees, plants and stagnant water might have mosquitoes. Do not let the toddler near any kind of garbage or even uncovered trash cans as this is where mosquitoes are in greater numbers.

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