How to prepare Rava Upma Recipe ?

Rava Upma

Everyone wants to start the day on a good note and for that purpose there are various dishes which make it a good breakfast. Rava Upma is one such and it will provide good amount of energy and good from health point of view as well. The dish contains lots of proteins, nutrients which is good for weight loss and individuals looking to lose weight. It is good and easy to uses. Here is the recipe.


  • Rava – 250 gms
  • Ghee – 50 gms
  • Mustard seeds – 4 gms
  • Black gram dal – 3 gms
  • Bengal gram dal – 3 gms
  • Onions – 2 ( chopped)
  • Green Chillies – 3 (sliced)
  • Cashews – 30 gms
  • Curry leaves – 8 leaves
  • Water – 500 ml
  • Salt to taste


The dish is quite easy to make and it takes hardly 20 minutes to cook. Take an empty vessel and keep it in low flam. Add water to it and let the water to boil. In another pan pour some ghee and wait for it to become hot. It both cases make the flame low. When the ghee is hot pour the mustard seeds over it and waist for some time. Add to it the dalls that were earlier told black gram and bengal gram. Fry the mixture for some time and ensure the color changes to golden brown, after that add to it chopped onions, curry leaves and sliced chilies alongside the cashew nuts. Mix the whole ingredients properly and wait for some time. Mix the mixture well and make sure you add the other necessary items, salts effectively. Add the hot water over it and let it soak the moisture. Now you can garnish the dish with some coconut and chopped corianders leaves. It is ready to eat and you get something unique to taste.

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