How to maintain soft Beard

4 Reasons Women Should Love A Guy With A Beard

Many see beard as symbol of manliness. It is not easy to find men who do not have even a little bit of facial hair. But unkempt, rough beard is not exactly something which is very enticing. Forget, kissing or rub cheek, even touching your face can become irritating if the beard has become very rough. Frequent shaving is one big reason of beard getting hard. With a few simple steps, you can keep your beard soft. Here are some effective ways to maintain your beard:

  • Shampoo- at first this may seem ludicrous but it is not. Beard is actually like the hair on your head. Just like hair, apply shampoo to your beard from time to time. There are many different brands of shampoo available. You can use the type that suits you most.
  • Conditioner- Just like shampoo, you can use conditioner to keep your beard shiny and soft. To see results you will have to use it on regular basis. Different products are available in the market and you should pick the conditioner that is suitable for your kind of beard.
  • Face wash- Although the primary application of face washes is clearing the face as the very name suggests, it is also effective in taking care of beard. Often dust and dirt gets attached with facial hair and makes it rough. Washing face with just water is often not enough. Face wash can remove those particles and maintain the softness of your beard.
  • Trim- In addition to shaving, trimming is also necessary. Just like hair is trimmed to remove the rough edges, beard should be also trimmed on a regular basis. Regular trimming improves the texture of your beard.
  • Shaving- it is very common practice, an almost essential exercise. But just because it is done often does not mean you can shave in any manner. Using a good razor and shaving cream/gel/ foam is very important as it keeps beard soft.

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