How to develop studying habit in Children

Good Study Habits

Children have a systematic but complex way of learning things. They observe and imitate, they pick up habits from adults and practice themselves. But when it comes to studying they need guidance. Since studying is not a biological but a social thing, it needs to be taught. Children should be made to realize that studying is essential for them and they should do it properly. While most of the learning takes place at school, at home parents need to do their part as well. The following are the ways that you can use to develop studying habit in your child.

  • Introduce studying to the child from an early age. 2 years is accepted universally as a suitable age to start. Not just books but drawing/ painting and intelligent games can also be used.
  • Do not leave them alone while they are studying otherwise they may get bored or distracted after sometime. Give them company while they are studying.
  • Do not force them to study as it makes them lose interest. Try to make studying fun so that enjoy it like they enjoy playing.
  • Do not make the child study in a random manner. Make a proper schedule for studying.
  • Keep the timing normal. Children should neither stay up late nor wake up too early. They need proper sleep so that they stay refreshed and can focus.
  • As the child is growing up and getting promoted to higher classes, the study techniques should be changed also. Slowly they should be made more independent.
  • It is very important that the children get the proper mental support from you. Do not be harsh with them for any failure. Respond to it in a balanced manner.
  • Stay in touch with their teachers to keep track of their progress and stay aware about any related issues.

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