How to be a Supportive Partner ?

Supportive Partner

Being supportive is utmost essential if you want to have the pleasure if a successful relationship. Here is all that makes a supportive partner:

  • Right Support : Being supportive implies appreciating your partner, offering encouragement and advising on matters. All these have a crucial role to play especially when he/she is going through hard times.
  • Always Being There : Be there for your partner in good times and bad times as well. Both the people should share their joys and sorrows and make every bit of the present. Assure your partner that he/she can always count on you and not matter what, you are there to offer your support. It is a wonderful feeling when you know that you always have someone who is ready to help you at any time. This is the chief ingredient of unconditional love.
  • Composure & Forgiveness : Do not lose composure and start a fight. Or even if you do, quit it before it gets ugly. Fighting and upsetting your better half with your own worries will strain your bond. Also, remember to forgive the other person to if he/she is impolite or apologizes for rough behavior. But learn to forgive even if you don’t get the apology you are expecting.
  • Listen : Just listen to what your partner has to say. You might be tempted to correct your partner or offer your own advice. But first let your loved one speak his/her mind to you.
  • Personal Space : The relationship may get ruined if either of the partner encroaches the personal space of the other. Spending time together is great, but make sure to spend some time without your partner and give him/her the same freedom as well. Do not pressurize your partner to spend time with you against will. Be cool if he/she wants to go out and enjoy with friends.

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