How Lifestyle Affects Sperm Count ?

Low Sperm Count

Sperm count is a cause of concern as it leads to infertility in men. While some people may think low sperm count occurs due uncontrollable factors, the truth is that one’s lifestyle has a major impact on sperm count:

  • Heat : Sauna bath and steam bath feel very relaxing. But they are in fact harmful when it comes to men’s reproductive health as excessive steam can bring down the sperm count. Another such source that people commonly neglect is heat from laptop when used on the lap.
  • Alcohol : Too much alcohol damages reproductive health of men as it has a negative impact on sperm count.
  • Disease/Injury : Some injury in the genital region or disease in the area can also be the cause of low sperm count. For example, varicocele is the swelling in veins that is known to drain the testicles.
  • Nutrition : Nutrition is another factor that affects sperm count. Men’s diet should comprise of elements like potassium, calcium, zinc and magnesium in order to maintain a healthy sperm count.
  • Smoking : Besides being fatal, smoking is a cause of low sperm count too.
  • Bicycling : It might seem unbelievable, but it is in fact one of the causes. Prolonged bicycling is known to cause a drop in sperm count.
  • Drugs : They cause harm to overall health and reproductive organs are no exception.
  • Stress : When under stress, the stress hormone gets secreted that causes an imbalance in the sperm count.
  • Genetics : The low sperm production can be due to genetic factors or hormonal disorders. Consult your doctor to know the cause.
  • Environment : While the surroundings have several harmful chemicals, there are some that are found to be particularly harmful when it comes to sperm count- pesticides, herbicides, x-rays or radiation in the pelvic area and also heavy metals especially lead.
  • Obesity : Unhealthy eating and lifestyle habits lead to obesity which in turn reduces the sperm count.

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